1.   6,831,677 System and method for facilitating the adjustment of disparity in a stereoscopic panoramic image pair.
2.   6,795,109 Stereo panoramic camera arrangements for recording panoramic images useful in a stereo panoramic image pair.
3.   6,665,003 System and method for generating and displaying panoramic images and movies.
4.   7,477,284 System and method for capturing and viewing stereoscopic panoramic images.
5.   7,440,634 Method for de-blurring images of moving objects.
6.   8,547,441 System and methods for de-blurring motion blurred images.
7.   8,253,824 Multi-spectral imaging.
8.   8,654,214 Multi-spectral imaging (different from previous).
9.   7,929,142 Photodiode-Based Bi-Directional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF) Measurement.
10. 8,248,613 Capturing reflected light from a sampling surface.
11. 8,570,522 Capturing reflected light from a sampling surface (different from previous).
12. 7,974,498 Super-Resolution in Periodic and Aperiodic Pixel Imaging.
13. 9,100,581  Time Interleaved Exposures And Multiplexed Illumination

Pending (published)

15.  2011/0228115  Large-Format Digital Camera 

16.  2016/0091705  Method and apparatus for stretched light field microscope